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      1. Consult/ contact:

        Tel: +86 25 58368180


        Fax: +86 25 58368185 




        Longstanding History

        Established in 1980, NJC was formed basing on the combination of Nanjing Jiangnan Chemical Plant and Nanjing Oriental Chemical Plant. Both plants were founded around 1958, producing respectively lead products and chemical products such as the industrial battery, lead metasilicate, industrial phosphoric acid and metallic stearates etc. Therefore NJC has a quite long history and rich experiences in the field of metallic salt and metallic soap products. From 1980s, NJC fully entered into PVC industry with lead one pack products, known as the pioneer producer of PVC one pack stabilizer in China. Now NJC has become one of the major suppliers for one pack heat stabilizers both in Chinese and overseas market. NJC enjoys sound reputation and fame in the PVC field and many well known PVC product manufacturers both from China and overseas are benefiting from NJC products.